True Life Yarn that Kicks Butt by Charles Bargerstock 
I have known the author for twenty years, but never knew her story. From page one her first person narrative pulls you into an amazing journey. It is an immensely personal story--all of it true. I am a fan of true-life crime stories, but how often is it do you come across a story in this genre that is written by someone who was there, who was part of the drama? Especially a drama that is complex and deeply moving.

But I digress, this is more than a crime story. It is story of transformation, of spiritual awakening. Most of us, who would have an experience like this might just give up on life and fade into obscurity, but not Mary. Without saying more, that part of the account is as amazing as that of her friend, who made history and ended up in jail. Mary went on and made something of her life, but she didn't just shut him away. She maintained a faith and belief in the value of who he really was. That is amazing. I think you may enjoy this yarn. I am not quite finished with it, but fact is, she hooked me in the introduction.

This book is a great read, it puts you into the real life ...By Jim Garrett 
This book is a great read, it puts you into the real life experience of a young woman who hears on the radio someone has hijacked an airplane and it turns out to be her boyfriend!. This seems like a movie, but is real life. The writer puts you right into the experience of all the emotion, turmoil and what she did for love. It's hard to believe it's true, but it is and can't wait for the movie. What a testimony to the power of love.

True love conquers all by Dr. J. Darcy Dill 
This is a great read! It has excitement and thoughtfulness combined. Perfect to take with you on a trip and find yourself wishing you were the author.

Inspiring read  by I Hollis 
Inspiring story of the power of unconditional love and devotion so missing these days! Written from the heart with deep honesty and insight. Really enjoyed observing the growing maturity in the author as the story develops over time. It has been said that we all carry a wheelbarrow of sorrows and trials and we never truly know what another has experienced or is experiencing. That is why we must be kind, loving and non-judgmental towards one another. What a great example of this! She overcame her experiences with grace and grew as a person and became even more openhearted from them, rather than retreating in bitterness or defeat ! Just loved the ending chapters and the way she shares insights and reminders for the journey of life that we all share. Enlightenment entered in while gracefully going through life's challenges!

Worthwhile Read by Barbara Foley 
I've known Mary for many years but until I read her story, I didn't truly appreciate all she had been through at such a young and tender age. Once you start reading, you won't be able to put it down. It's not every young woman whose boyfriend skyjacks an airplane! Her story also takes us back to the Viet Nam war years and reminds us how damaged so many of our returning young men were. Back then we didn't even know the term PTSD, but that's exactly what Mary was dealing with up close and personal. But there's always a silver lining to every cloud and we learn in Mary's case that this personal tragedy thrusts her onto her spiritual path. Definitely a worthwhile read!

An intriguing and compelling read by Suzanne Penton 
The raw emotion in this story makes Ms. Stevenson's book an intriguing and compelling read. It is a refreshingly unique true crime story, in which she skillfully reveals how deeply these events affected her life and times. The author shows tremendous courage to be so open about this dramatic and difficult time in her life, so that others may benefit from her experience and gain strength to carry on with their personal challenges. Like an arrow shot directly into the center of a target, the author's unflinching purpose and passion were driven by a dedicated heart and a unfaltering desire to redeem the love of her life.

​Excellent Read! by N.M. 
Great Read! I am always amazed to learn what motivates a person to commit a crime. I am also amazed by people who commit to each other for better or for worse. The author's true account of her experiences with the man she loved so deeply was truly moving. He obviously was deeply affected by PTSD resulting from his Vietnam days. Her story has opened my eyes and filled my heart with great compassion for all who serve our country and for the women who stand beside them through thick & thin. What an amazing and unique story! What struck me most is how this author sacrificed so much for the man she loved, and used the shock of his skyjacking an airplane to transform herself and get onto a spiritual path, thus turning lemons into lemonade. How many other 22-year-old young women would have waited while the man they loved was in prison with a 30-year sentence, not knowing when he would get out on parole? Her strength and courage is admirable and inspiring. I look forward to her next book to see where her path led next.

An Inspiration for Families Coping with a Loved One's PTSD by Barbra Cohn 
Amazingly accurate and personal account of a decade-long period of how the author managed to sustain her love for a man who went to Vietnam, hijacked a plane when he came home, and went to prison for six years. This moving memoir illustrates how unconditional love can trigger a spiritual awakening that enables one to reflect on the human condition: past, present and future. The Skyjacker's Wife is an inspiring gift to families coping with a loved one's PTSD resulting from military service.

This fascinating book by Mary Stevenson presents the true story of the June 2, 1972 skyjacking of United Flight 239 from Reno International Airport. Mary waited faithfully for her boyfriend Robb Heady to come home from his year of military service in Vietnam. She did not suspect that he would skyjack an airplane shortly after his return. His crime ended their plans to create a happy life together.

 This true crime story offers an in-depth look at the understanding Mary gained throughout the ordeal, and how this event was to thrust her onto her spiritual path. Here is a love story offering readers the example of how hope, courage, determination, and unconditional love can help people get through even the most profound calamities. We can take inspiration as we read this story and see what it took for Mary to wait for Robb during his years in prison, so that she could eventually become The Skyjacker's Wife.

Mary Stevenson has organized or helped run meditation centers around the country, including in Reno, Nevada; Austin, Texas; Silver Spring, Maryland; and Boulder, Colorado. She also enjoyed living for four years in the spiritual community of Fairfield, Iowa. For many years she attended large world peace assemblies around the country to enjoy big group meditations with thousands of other TM practitioners from around the world. She has special memories of her 18 years in Boulder, Colorado, hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with so many dear friends there. Mary currently resides in Sedona, Arizona, where she enjoys attending yoga classes and being in Nature, hiking in the unique natural beauty of the Red Rock formations. She began studying Vedic Astrology in 1988, in order to understand why such life-changing major events occurred in her early life. These studies led to Mary giving much support, understanding and guidance to many thousands of people over the years, through her individual readings. She continues to provide Vedic Astrology sessions to clients near and far, which include the added value of the innate intuitive qualities with which she was born. In this, her first book, Mary shares the experiences of the special fourteen year period of her early life, for its potential to inspire others who may be going through a challenging or confusing time.
Date: June 2, 1972

Flight Info: United Airlines Fight 239 from Reno to San Francisco.

The Story: A former Army paratrooper who was taking classes at Western Nevada Community College, the 22-year-old Heady barged onto the Boeing 727 as it prepared for takeoff. Armed with a .357 Magnum revolver and carrying his own parachute, he demanded a $200,000 ransom. Since the local banks were closed for the day, United had to borrow the money from two casinos. Heady collected the ransom on the airport tarmac while holding two flight attendants at gunpoint beneath a blanket flung over their heads; this tactic frustrated an FBI sniper, who was unable to identify Heady and thus held his fire. Once he had the cash, Heady ordered the plane to take off, but engine trouble prevented its departure. Undaunted, Heady asked for and received a second Boeing 727 from United. As this jet soared over Washoe Lake, Heady jumped from the rear door, clutching a canvas bag containing $155,000. (He left $45,000 behind, perhaps because it made the bag too heavy.) He dropped the money on the way down and suffered wounds to his elbow and chest upon landing. He was then arrested when he returned to his car at 5:30 a.m. the next morning; the FBI had wisely staked out the car, which was parked near the lake, because it had a “Member of the U.S. Parachute Association” bumper sticker.
The Upshot: Sentenced to 30 years in prison.
~ Brenden L. Koerner. He is the author of the book The Skies Belong to Us: Love and Terror in the Golden Age of Hijacking. He had a feature called Skyjacker of the Day: A Hundred Days, a hundred skyjackers from the sixties and seventies